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Analyzing the KZ Okpala Trade

The Miami Heat traded KZ Okpala to the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday in exchange for a 2026 second-round draft pick and an amendment to the protections on the 2023 first-round pick the Heat already owe the Thunder. The amended pick was originally...


Some Kawhi Thoughts

This is an email to a friend, not a post. Ok. Here’s a small breakdown on what the Heat would face to sign Kawhi… Kawhi’s max for 2021-22 is $39M. He can take as little as $34M, and still re-sign for the...


Heat Completes The Acquisition of Jimmy Butler

It took nearly 24 last-day-of-June-and-first-day-of-July hours and two structures to finalize, but the Miami Heat made its signature move this summer by executing a sign-and-trade for four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler. Butler signed a four-year, $141 million maximum contract with the Heat, who...