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Breaking Down the Complex Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks

January 30th, 2017 No comments
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Update (04/16/17)

“We have not been able to win with him on the court at this time. I think the direction with our team is that he’s a player who would be better off somewhere else, using his talent somewhere where he can win or chase that championship.”

That was Phil Jackson speaking about forward Carmelo Anthony, just one day after it was revealed that both Jackson and the New York Knicks had exercised the mutual option for the two years remaining on Jackson’s contract as team president.

The audacity with which Jackson continues to speak in public about his star player is, for many, shocking. But what he is doing, wise or not, is clearly strategic in nature. He wants to move on from Anthony. But he is also aware that Anthony holds the balance of power in that regard.

Anthony has a sizable contract – it will pay him $26.2 million next season, and $27.9 million in 2018-19. He has a 15% trade kicker. And, most importantly, he has a no-trade clause. If he wants to remain a Knick, he will. And there’s little Jackson can do to stop it. Other than make his stay in New York so unpleasant as to cause him to want to leave.

Anthony, 32, is a seasoned NBA veteran. He is well aware of what Jackson has been saying, and why. He is not about to allow it to influence him to make a hasty decision.

But Anthony has reportedly conceded that he would consider waiving his no-trade clause under the right circumstances. Which, in turn, could leave Jackson with an unknown list of potential trade partners, an unknown list of demands from those suitors, and with some technical difficulties that would still need to be overcome if there is to be an interest.  Read more…

Breaking down the trade bonus

June 20th, 2010 3 comments
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Well, I didn’t get many readers yesterday. So today I will offer this somewhat less stimulating post on the impact of trade bonuses for the technically savvy few who happen to care. After all, in my heart I enjoy helping to explain the intricacies of the salary cap most.

There seems to be a common perception floating around that Turkoglu, after a forgetful season in Toronto, is washed up. The perception is that he is an aging malcontent, whose inflated salary will be a boon the Raptors for the next four seasons. For a man over thirty years of age with just one solid regular season under his belt, it’s reasonable to understand why. But perhaps it’s just a little harsh for man who produced such a wonderful 2009 NBA Finals.

When Turkoglu arrived in Toronto, having turned away the Trail Blazers in his wake, he received a hero’s welcome. And for good reason. He had just completed an NBA Finals run during which he averaged 15.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, 4.8 assists, not to mention his crunch-time leadership, game-winning shot-making and one impressive block from behind on Kobe Bryant. He even the Heat’s own Dwyane Wade pushing to grab him for mid-level money.

Things soured quickly. Turkoglu showed up to training camp overweight and out of shape, and never seemed eager to do much of anything. By the end of the season, he finished with just 11.3 points per game, far and away his fewest over the past six seasons, on just 41% shooting. Turkoglu was unhappy, the fans were booing him, and management was left with the shame at having grossly overvalued him on the free agent market.

The end result wasn’t necessarily an indication of what Turkoglu may be able provide a team next season, if he were to be put in the right situation. But for any of us holding out any lingering hope of acquiring the 6’10” point-forward, I would have you consider his contract. Read more…