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Clearing Up Some Sign-and-Trade Confusion 3

Clearing Up Some Sign-and-Trade Confusion

The following was reported today in the South Florida Sun Sentinel: Should the Heat be able to pull off the maneuver, it would give Heat President Pat Riley unlimited resources to re-sign remaining current Heat free agents such as Udonis Haslem, Dorell
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Chris Bosh narrows his list to five 1

Chris Bosh narrows his list to five

Chris Bosh has been rumored to have informed the Toronto Raptors that he’s narrowed his list of preferred destinations in free agency to five (of course, he’s denying it). The list – which includes the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat
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Interesting Developments in Grizzlie-land 0

Interesting Developments in Grizzlie-land

In what is perhaps some small measure of vindication for Heat president Pat Riley, Memphis has invited undersized 6’4″ shooting guard O.J. Mayo to participate in their summer league. The goal for Mayo would be to improve his point guard skills. Mayo’s
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The Sign-and-Trade Approach 0

The Sign-and-Trade Approach

You may not realize that the Miami Heat will start the offseason with a team salary in excess of the new salary cap threshold. This is caused by intangible charges, called “cap holds,” created by the Heat’s own free agents. The Heat
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