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Clearing Up Some Sign-and-Trade Confusion 3

Clearing Up Some Sign-and-Trade Confusion

TwitterFacebookemailThe following was reported today in the South Florida Sun Sentinel: Should the Heat be able to pull off the maneuver, it would give Heat President Pat Riley unlimited resources to re-sign remaining current Heat free agents such as Udonis Haslem, Dorell
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Breaking down the trade bonus 3

Breaking down the trade bonus

TwitterFacebookemailWell, I didn’t get many readers yesterday. So today I will offer this somewhat less stimulating post on the impact of trade bonuses for the technically savvy few who happen to care. After all, in my heart I enjoy helping to explain
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The True Cost of Extending 4

The True Cost of Extending

TwitterFacebookemailChristopher Reina, executive editor of RealGM, published this article yesterday – suggesting that free agency will cost each member of Wade/James/Bosh trio millions of dollars. Huh? If it didn’t shock the heck out of you, it should have. Because it’s wrong! The
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Calculating the Salary Cap 0

Calculating the Salary Cap

TwitterFacebookemailWe’ve all been operating under the assumption of a $56.1 million projected salary cap, which was provided by Commissioner Stern prior to the playoffs. How did he come by that figure? During July Moratorium, the league will project both basketball-related revenues (“Projected
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Exceeding the Salary Cap 2

Exceeding the Salary Cap

TwitterFacebookemailGiven the constraints imposed by the number $56.1 million, we’re all searching for ways in which the collective bargaining agreement would allow the Heat to exceed the salary cap. There are four primary mechanisms which the Heat will be able to utilize
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Q&A: Under-the-table-agreements 0

Q&A: Under-the-table-agreements

TwitterFacebookemailThe following question to Ira Winderman has piqued some interest from my shockingly tiny reader base: “In all your posts, you are undermining and flat out discarding one very real possibility for the Heat to round out the roster. That is, for
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The Sign-and-Trade Approach 0

The Sign-and-Trade Approach

TwitterFacebookemailYou may not realize that the Miami Heat will start the offseason with a team salary in excess of the new salary cap threshold. This is caused by intangible charges, called “cap holds,” created by the Heat’s own free agents. The Heat
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Mechanics Behind the Miami Heat Vision 0

Mechanics Behind the Miami Heat Vision

TwitterFacebookemailFans are frequently tripped up by the idea of cap room. The premise is pretty straightforward – there’s a salary cap, and if the team’s payroll is at or above this amount, they don’t have any money to spend on free agents.
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How Bird Rights Work 0

How Bird Rights Work

TwitterFacebookemailBy February 1983, the financial health of the NBA was in serious doubt. The majority of the league’s 23 teams were losing money. Six – the Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, Kansas City Kings, San Diego Clippers, Utah Jazz – were on the verge of
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Understanding the Charges 0

Understanding the Charges

TwitterFacebookemailAfter a wild ride through a doomsday scenario that would have made it impossible for the Heat to achieve its goal of acquiring thee maximum contract free agents this summer, things have somewhat stabilized. The economy is slowly bottoming. Salary cap projections
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