Miami Heat Are Talking Trade, But With Limited Assets to Offer

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4 Responses

  1. RemoteHeatFan says:

    After Udonis and Joel, what other assets does the Heat even have to offer? Birdman – doubt they would do that because of the ‘loyalty’ effect. Chalmers and Cole? Aren’t we forgetting that Oden is on the team and that would bring some nice frontline help? The real question is who is available and why? Is Dion Waters available for what the Heat could offer? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that phone call! Considering there are no more first rounders to trade, I don’t see Cleveland wanting Udonis or Joel, but Cole/Chalmers? They are point guards.

    If I understand the rules correctly, they are not allowed to trade for Miller because of amnestying him. So the backcourt options are tiny.

    Regardless, the question so far, now that we are about 25% through the season, in the East, can anyone beat the Heat or the Pacers 4 out of 7 games? I don’t see it. I see those two ending up against each other, then it becomes who can 4 of 7. I can see the Heat wanting to add yet another sniper on the outside to help negate Hibbert and concede the boards. But then again, we may be looking at Oden playing those 7 games. It would be interesting to see a front line of Oden, Bosh, James and a backcourt of Wade and Chalmers. Then off the bench, Birdman, Allen, Cole, Haslem, Battier, Beasely. Wow, as I am typing that, that is a DEEEEEEEP bench.

  2. Albert says:

    The Heat are not allowed to trade for Miller until his Heat contract would have expired, which is after the 2014-15 season. But I believe the media is being a bit reactionary in calling for a trade anyway. The Heat would love to move Joel, but the impetus would purely be for financial reasons. I don’t think they’re actively seeking backcourt or frontcourt trade scenarios at this point.

    The Pacers have shown themselves to be a formidable challenge to the Heat. In response to that, the Heat is grooming Greg Oden as they should be. Though it’s frustrating for fans, it’s ideal for the playoff push. If he proves healthy at playoff time, he vaults this team to another dimension, and any perceived frontcourt issues are washed away. I couldn’t agree more with the lineup you propose in your comment. I find the Heat’s possible rotations, when healthy, to be as devastating as you do.

    If the struggles continue to such an extent that action is needed, I don’t believe trade is a preferred alternative anyway, as the Heat don’t have the assets to accomplish one. There are several free agent shooting guard options that could be considered, who each would gladly accept a non-guaranteed minimum salary contract. If the Heat needs help down low, Okafor and possibly others could become a viable option in time. There really is no need to panic.

    That being said, I do have my own wacky trade scenarios that I like to kick around purely for fun.

  3. With Greg Oden’s knees becoming stronger and more durable; I can see great things happening in the playoffs. The bench depth is extremely deep and with Micheal Beasley, Ray Allen and Norris Cole putting up great numbers, Birdman and Oden have nothing more to worry about with the exceptions of getting boards and blocks.

  4. RemoteHeatFan says:

    I seriously doubt that the Heat will go after Bynum.

    My reasons are:

    1. Attitude. Bynum is after the money, not the title. He will not come cheap. That attitude of money over team will not sit well with this team.

    2. Oden. It is not because Oden is on the roster, but the fact that they would be stating that Oden will not be ready when it was projected. I think Riles would not want to put the team in a defensive position of questioning Oden’s spot on the team.

    From a financial standpoint, Joel departing would be wonderful. How they do it . . . that is why they get paid more than I do 🙂

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