Rockets to sign Brad Miller to three-year deal

Any visions of seeing Brad Miller in a Heat uniform next season are now official over. The Houston Rockets have come to terms with Miller on a three-year deal worth nearly $15 million.

Miller had been pursued by Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston and Miami. But in the end, he chose to play with long-time favorite head coach Rick Adelman.

The 34-year-old did some of his best work in a Sacramento uniform with Adelman at the helm.

Said Miller:

It was too good of a deal to pass up. It’s my favorite coach I’ve ever played for. I know Kevin (Martin) real well from our Sacramento days. (Luis) Scola had a heckuva year. And I finally get to play with Yao (Ming) instead of guarding his big butt. The team is pretty solid.

The $15 million deal feels ridiculously rich for a man who shot only 43% from the field last season and was this slow three years ago:

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  1. lucas fb says:

    i would give to arroyo and magloire, and specially juan non guarateed contracts!!!

    the 2 bigs(much specially juan),cause i think we have
    to try for dampier (its a must=no brainer),and its only a question of time,till he gets waived!!! or even kwame,or tolliver r > to much > than big cat,and even much more than juan!!!

    and to arroyo,cause we still can get better pg’s in dooling,house,jwill and i dont know if ridnour is still available, but he coulad want more than the minimum anyway,dampier even more!!!

    for the wings options r:
    tmac, rasual/barnes, von wafer, jarvis(guard too),…

    bottom line(resume):

    dont sign arroyo and very specially jj and juan.absolutelly

    give magloire a non guaranteed deal, so we can try for dampier. but with juan out we can maybe have both.

    tolliver and kwame r good options for bigs, we should go for them instead of some guys r suposed to be in the heat!!!

    for pg sign dooling and one of ridnour,house,jwill

    for wingers: sign tmac and rasual, if u cant get 1 or any of them,then go for barnes and von wafer, in last case.

    in between of pg and wing: sign jarvis!!!

    if we do what im suggesting,we ll have a much,much,much better end of roster than what is looking like,with the signings they r intending now!!!

    and what heat is doing now is really stupid,cause they have all the tools to do it, like i said we had all the tools to do it (land).the big 3,miller and ud recruiting, that was the dificult part,so lets not screw up now, right pat???!!!

    we would have wade.lebron.bosh, miller,ud,joel,mario, big z (8 good players)

    plus: tmac(9), rasual(10),if we cant land them,there s options like barnes,von wafer, and, tim t.

    plus: dooling(11), and 1 of luke,house,jwill(12)

    plus: dampier(13),tolliver/kwame(13)

    jarvis(14), and 1 of pitman and magloire as a enforcer(15)

    and still there r other much >option than what we r trying to get!!!

    so if we cant get all of this players, we would still not have a bad end of roster!!!

    its amazing builting a team like that in 1part of the summer!!!i know it was years of planing and freeing cap space, but still it was all done in 1part of the summer!!!

  2. Jack says:

    Kwame being a good option for a big? That’s ridiculous to be honest..

  3. lucas fb says:

    now kwame is >>> than magloire, brings more size than joel(and isnt slow like big z,he would protect the paint >.and would make his points,much much more than magloire).’

    pitman is a work in progress ,so i wont bring him to the conversation.even cause i like his upside!!!

    u ll see throug the season,that what im saying is true(i do not think that kwame is great)
    but he s just entering his prime at around 26/27 years old. so expect to see a > bball iq than what u remember from him. he would bring at least size defense and rebounds. so he would be a good fit,cause we already have lots of talent from other positions!!!

    and he wouldnt be my 1st option for bigs, dampier and even tolliver would be ahead of him.

    but no, what it is good,is bring back almost all scrubs from last year. while i suggested 15+ better options!!!

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