Multiple Sources Suggest LeBron to Choose Miami Heat

After more than three years of planning and preparing, of salary dumping and cap-carving trades and wishful thinking, it appears as if the Miami Heat will be paid off with the ultimate reward: LeBron James.

According to multiple NBA sources, two-time MVP is expected to choose the Heat, where he would join fellow All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The two Wednesday announced their commitments to the Heat but neither Wade nor Bosh has agreed to terms, which suggests they are waiting on James as the third piece.

James officially will announce his choice during a one-hour special, “The Decision,” on ESPN tonight at 9 p.m. He will make his selection from a group of six teams – the Heat, Knicks, Nets, Cavaliers, Bulls and Clippers – that met with him last week during a three-day period of presentations and sales pitches.The show will be staged at the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich, Conn. Proceeds for the show will go to the Boys & Girls Club of America, a charity that is special to James.

If the Heat is, indeed, the choice, James, Wade and Bosh would form an unprecedented superstar trio that would instantly become a perennial NBA title favorite and mark the beginnings of a potential Heat dynasty.

Did you ever dream of a scenario so absurdly amazing?

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  1. marco says:

    WHAT DID I TELL U GUYS, NOT 2 PANIC THIS IS GOING TO WORK OUT HAHA , hey mr apology where yall at at now ?!

  2. Eric says:

    Can you believe the “dream team” (or SuperFriends) could actually be a reality by the end of the night? Might be too good to be true. We in South Florida would be so fortunate to see these guys on local TV for EVERY game!

  1. July 8, 2010

    […] LeBron: No one knows what’s going to happen: Cavaliers, Knicks or Nets. Maybe the Heat do, but I’m not believing anything until […]

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