Mike Miller Off the Table?

Per Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports:

Mike Miller has been offered a five-year, $30M contract by the Lakers.

Miller expects to be recruited by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade wherever they end up.

The Lakers have set a deadline of tonight to accept their offer.

Is Mike Miller off the table?

Miller is a close personal friend of James and so, if he is held to such a deadline, one would suspect that Miller will reject — until he knows for certain that he won’t be playing alongside James, wherever he ends up, in his quest for an NBA championship.

His expectation, however, is interesting — and more than just a little bit exciting — in another regard. There has been all kinds of speculation that James will team up with Wade and Chris Bosh in South Florida.¬†Could they each be willing to sacrifice maximum dollars in order to bring Miller along?

What a dream scenario that would be! Without any quality big men available on the free agent market, the Heat could elect to play small – sliding Bosh over to center and James over to power forward – and create one of the most lethal offenses in league history!

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  1. Remote Heat fan says:

    Huh? LA is WAY over the cap. Is this their MLE that they are starting with? The Lakers will be hosed if Fisher goes somewhere else. They are gonna lose Farmar. Who are they gonna get to run the point? Are they gonna move Sasha over to the 1? Another tall point guard? I dunno. This is a weird move if Fisher says bye-bye.

    But back to Fisher. He could check out FA and see what is out there. LA could then offer him more money total, but over time and he could ride out the end of his career off the bench. Dunno, this looks very weird considering they have Ron Artest.

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