Heat sign Juwan Howard

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  1. Heat-Struck says:

    At this rate, Mike Miller is going to play 35 minutes off the bench… he’s going to be a steal in fantasy leagues for three pointers, good percentages and no turnovers.

  2. Brian T says:

    next up, J will and we’re ready to kick off the 2010-2011 season!

  3. CB says:

    I don’t like this move. I don’t buy into the “veteran leadership” argument that the HEAT have made with this pickup. There is no way that this roster wont be focused with guys like Lebron/Wade/Bosh keeping everyone focused. Id much rather have someone that can add real value (Hughes type). I thought the same thing with the Big Cat.

  4. vincent says:

    What else is out there?

  5. K215215 says:

    Bring back Chris Quinn!!

  6. Julian says:

    Larry Hughes? Are you kidding????

  7. CB says:

    We signed 37 year old Juwon Howard, how is in exponential decline. He has virtually no playing value. He averaged 0.1 BPG as a power forward with mediocre (at best) rebound efficiency. We do not need veteran leadership on a team with 3 of the most respected players in the game in their prime leading the team in a rigid organization. Larry Hughes is 31 and can play defense and make open shots, when he doesnt have to create them. So no, I am not kidding. But while we are at it, I’d love to hear some of your suggestions as you sound like you know your bball my man.


  8. JT says:

    You’re right that Howard’s value is declining, but he did prove to be a good bench player for Portland last year. Since he’s the 3rd PF, he won’t need to play too many minutes to make a contribution to the team. I don’t know about the value he brings to the locker room…..but I assume that Riley is just trying to avoid any drama queens (such as shaq).

  9. Julian says:

    We don’t NEED Hughes. We didn’t NEED Howard, but Riley signed him because he is a good locker room presence.

    We now have 13 players on our roster including the recent signing of Arroyo. I think we could use one of the final roster spots to add a young player like Da’Sean Butler (who showed great promise before his injury and should be ready to go for training camp) or Kenny Hasbrouck would also be great on this team as a D-Cook type player.

    In all honesty I think that we may be able to sign Matt Barnes and that will round out our second unit with Miller and Haslem. <—– GREAT 2nd unit.

    My final prediction: we sign Barnes and Butler and call it an offseason 🙂

  10. CB says:


    I dont disagree with Barnes. Keep in mind, never said we “NEED” Hughes, i just think he would be much more useful than Howard. I think the whole locker room presence that teams tend to make is bizarre, especially in our situation. Reality is we will play a 8-9 man roster so none of these guys will get real time anyway, but Hughes could be a good 10-15 minute / game guy like the Andersons were for us back in 2006.

  11. Remote Heat fan says:

    Barnes signed with the Lakers for 2 years.

  12. AJ says:


  13. Vincent says:

    Hey guys Albert on Vaction so I’ll writing a article here…
    By the morning

  14. vincent says:

    The Bulter effect…….

    Rasual Bulter has yet to sign a contract ,but this what he has been post on his twitter account.

    Twamily getting close to making my decision about where I will play next season! I’ve been patient waiting for the rt opportunity to play

    Where I’m wanted and respected for what I do bring to the table and knowing I had a late start in my career so I haven’t peaked yet! So I

    Prayed on it and Gods will shall be done sometime today I will post where that will be!

    I can say to u twamily that I have been ok in my career not as good as I like and its time to go to another level! I feel as though I’m

    I bring a skill to the game that’s at a premium in our league today… and I feel as though I’ve proved myself a lil not get the respect lol

  15. vincent says:

    Which has always been the case for me so I always have a chip on my shoulder that has just grew bigger thank God for that fire

  16. lucas fb says:

    again. how many(the maximum of) players can play the game for a team???playoffs too???

    i thank u, if u could answer my questions too. not just the entire rest of the blog, and completely ignore everything i say.

  17. vincent says:

    12 players on active roster…..playoff include

  18. lucas fb says:

    thank u very much!!!

  19. uncle al says:

    we want more. we want more.

  20. CB says:

    hear hear. bert, i’m having major HEAT withdrawal. winderman can’t hold down the fort when ur out of pocket and forget the herald or wpb post

  21. Heat-Struck says:

    We need some Albert back!

    *chant* Al-Bert Al-Bert Al-Bert!

  22. Eric says:

    The “We Want Wade” chant has changed to “We Want Al”

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