Heat now a frontrunner for LeBron James?

Whether fans are sick of the LeBron’s self-glorification or not, he has done a good job of keeping people guessing.

It’s probably safe to eliminate the Bulls, Clippers and Nets from the running. Otherwise, the Cavs, Heat and Knicks are all still mentioned as viable candidates to sign the two-time MVP.

One theory has Cleveland emerging as the clear-cut favorite to retain James. The thinking would be that even he would have the nerve to break the hearts of his hometown Cavs fans in a grueling, one-hour ESPN special (Thursday, 9:00 pm). It just seems so unreasonably cruel. But then it was reported that James had long planned some kind of agreement with ESPN regarding his much-hyped free agency, well before the notion that James would even consider leaving Cleveland surfaced.

If LeBron’s sole focus is to win a championship, as he has so emphatically claimed it to be, signing alongside Wade and Bosh in Miami gives him the best chance to do it.

James tried desperately to recruit Bosh to Cleveland, with no luck. Maybe this was all a charade. Maybe it was all part of James’ exit strategy. He can now say to his hometown fans, “I did everything I could to bring an all-star caliber player to Cleveland, but it didn’t work out.”

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Official with team that made a formal presentation to LeBron tells Y! Sports: ‘It’s down to Cleveland or Miami for him.

Of course, this is only a theory.

Whatever the case, the Heat appears to be the clear-cut winners, as much for what it did get as for what its rivals did not, of the biggest free agency sweepstakes in league history.

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  1. Heat-Struck says:


    ….Lebron, don’t be stupid. You wants Championships? Come join the dynasty!

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