Dorell Wright signs 3-year, $11 million contract to join the Warriors

Dorell Wright’s six-year stay in South Florida has come to an end. Wright signed a three-year contract worth just shy of $11 million to join the Golden State Warriors.

The 6’9″ small forward seemed to be turning a corner last season, averaging 7.1 points and 3.3 rebounds in his 21 minutes per game. It was the best overall season of his career, a season during which he began to show the promise that warranted his No. 19 selection in the 2004 NBA Draft.

But the Heat didn’t have the cap room to offer Dorell anything more than a minimum salary contract.

Here’s wishing all the best to Dorell Wright.

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  1. Remote Heat fan says:

    Congrats to him. He has not earned a lot of money in his career and needs to build up the base of money before he starts playing for mins. Would have loved to have him stay, but I fully understand.

  2. Play-Boi.. says:

    maybe he can start for the warrior
    now that Suns and Utah are weaken by freeAgent

    GState has a chance

  3. vincent says:

    good for you D.Wright

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