A fresh look at the roster…

The Miami Heat’s roster is beginning to round into shape.

Head coach Pat Riley has secured commitments from, or is in advanced discussions with, the following 9 players:

PG: Mario Chalmers
SG: Dwyane Wade
SF: LeBron James, Mike Miller, James Jones
PF: Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard
C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas

The Heat is at a point where it has more veteran applicants than remaining roster spots. Of interest to the Heat, or rumored to be so, include the following 19 players:

PG: Carlos Arroyo, Jason Williams, Keyon Dooling and Patrick Beverley
SG: Raja Bell, Eddie House, Jerry Stackhouse and Kenny Hasbrouck
SF: Matt Barnes, Tracy McGrady, Rasual Butler and Da’Sean Butler
PF: Shavlik Randolph and Jarvis Varnado
C: Joel Anthony, Jamaal Magloire, Brad Miller, Kwame Brown and Dexter Pittman

A roster can consist of no more than 15 players during the regular season.

9 Responses

  1. Remote Heat fan says:

    PG – Williams and Arroyo.
    SG – Bell – need a lock down defender for 10 minutes per game
    SF – Butler to develop him.
    C – I doubt we can get Brad Miller as he would be my first choice. Joel Anthony and Kwame Brown. Kwame is there for 10 minutes a game against Howard, Bynum, Shaq aka, the big boys. The guy is strong as hell.

    Sorry but this team is looking a LOT like the Showtime Lakers.

    Imagine this on the floor.

    PG – Lebron
    SG – Wade
    SF – Miller
    PF – Bosh
    C – Haslem

    HOLY you know what! That would be incredible.

  2. Brian T says:

    I think Arroyo, hasbrouck, raja, butler, varnado, Pittman if brad isn’t available.

  3. Onur says:

    PG- Arroyo(This guy was good at last year and have a good character)
    PG-Beverley (heard he is really good at defence)
    SG-Raja Bell (Heard about LA is interested at him too)
    SF-Jerry Steakhouse (This guy wants to come too. Maybe his shooting help. He was good last year)
    C-Joel Anthony (Good at defence)
    C-Jamaal Magloire (He was a allstar 🙂 For making strong fouls. to Give pain other team )

    I like Pittman kid too.But sucked too bad at last game

  4. matt says:

    Does anybody know why they would want to sign juwan howard? Isint he 37?

  5. Remote Heat fan says:

    Howard is 37 and played decent minutes for Portland last year.

  6. jc says:

    dooling (great defense, just what we need)
    bell (same)
    barnes (same)
    miller (lots of hustle and great passer, i doubt this guys could be signed for the minimum, i think he can do much better. but what do i know? haslem did leave over 10 millions on the table.
    anthony (good defense)
    varnado (this guy will be very good on the defensive side of the ball)
    pittman can play in europe, butler will be good but still hurt and will probably take the year off
    why would we want howard? i rather bring back magloire.

  7. Jorge says:

    First keep in mind that we will probably have a nine men rotation (ten at most). So while we are in a win now mode I would like to keep some young talent to develop. On that note send Pitman, Butler, Varnado, Beverley and Dozier overseas. Although I am not sure if we can keep their rights.

    AS far as this roster, we have enough offensive players…so defense will get you an invite to this party:
    PG – Keyon Dooling
    SG – Raja Bell
    SF – Matt Barnes
    C – Joel Anthony, Jamaal Magloire

    Then throw in Carlos Arroyo for some Latin flavor (just kidding) mainly because he hasn’t won a championship and Williams has. Although I wouldn’t have a problem with either. I even like Earl Watson.

    GO HEAT!!!

  8. Remote Heat fan says:

    Raja Bell to the Jazz for 3 years 10m. 🙁

  1. July 14, 2010

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