Wade out on the recruiting trail

Read this (as per this article):

“At the same time the Miami Heat staff was busy throwing free agent Udonis Haslem a surprise birthday party to try and convince him to stay in Miami, it appears as if Dwyane Wade was busy doing some recruiting of his own. Wade was spotted dining at BOA Steakhouse on Sunset along with girlfriend Gabrielle Union, Raptors free agent to be Chris Bosh, and a few others as part of a small late-night gathering at the restaurant. Normally, we wouldn’t think anything [of] a few All-Star NBA players getting together for dinner, but this isn’t your typical set of circumstances.”

“Wade has made it a point to say he was committed to speaking with some of his free agent counterparts about their futures. We all assumed it would be a summit of sorts. Wade seems to be taking a more personal approach during the NBA Finals.”

Yes! Did I not mention the preferred approach was the more personal one-on-one touch, when all else were screaming summit? This is why all three of my readers should trust in me. I’m a strategy man. That, or I got very lucky just this once and I want the world to know.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Best heat blog on the internet…keep up the good work Albert

  2. Albert says:

    thanks kevin. i appreciate the nice feedback.

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