Bosh to Miami a done deal?

Pat Riley & Co. appear to be quietly building a potential dynasty

The first step of Pat Riley’s mater rebuilding plan might be near completion, if Miami Herald radio host and ESPN contributor Dan LeBatard is to be believed.

According to LeBatard, a sign-and-trade of Toronto forward Chris Bosh has been agreed to in principal. The Heat would acquire Bosh in exchange for Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony. The Raptors would also get a trade exception in the deal, the value of which would depend upon the agreed-to contract of Anthony.

Any conversations held between Bosh and any member of Heat management prior to July 1 would certainly be considered tampering. The league takes tampering very seriously and may impose stiff penalties if it is discovered, though it traditionally does not investigate unless another team files tampering charges.

However, the rules regarding communications between fellow players (and friends) are much more slippery. It appears as if Wade has been acting as the unofficial spokesman for the Heat, and perhaps deserves the GM of the Year award for his efforts.

Per Mr. Lebatard:

I hear bosh-miami is done… bosh-wade shared agent avoids tampering… its why beasley, chalmers, anthony still here… raptors get them

agree in principle… process plays out… pat riley got scorched on juwan howard but wade and bosh are just dealing with their agent.

If the report is true, it would certainly guarantee Wade’s return, and at the very worst a Wade/Bosh core in South Florida. But Riley and the Heat have much bigger dreams.

Such a tandem could make it nearly impossible for LeBron James to resist. James has repeatedly insisted that his singular goal is winning championships. If he is to be believed, it is difficult to imagine a better scenario than this.

Of course, it has been suggested that LeBron would be unwilling to accept fewer dollars than Bosh, who is widely considered more of a complementary piece. A sign-and-trade scenario for Bosh would afford the Toronto forward a 6-year, $125.5 million contract. James, whose Cavaliers team appears adamant in refusing to participate in such a trade scenario despite its better judgment, would be eligible for a 5-year deal worth $96.1 million.

If Wade were to re-sign, Bosh were to be acquired via sign-and-trade and LeBron were to be acquired via free agency, maximum contracts for the triumvirate would look as follows:

Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh:
2010-11: $16,568,908
2011-12: $18,308,643
2012-13: $20,048,379
2013-14: $21,788,114
2014-15: $23,527,850
2015-16: $25,267,585

LeBron James:
2010-11: $16,568,908
2011-12: $17,894,421
2012-13: $19,219,933
2013-14: $20,545,446
2014-15: $21,870,959

The annual difference in salary after 2010-11 would be due to the fact that Wade and Bosh will have been signed utilizing full Bird rights, which allows for 10.5% annual raises, versus 8.0% for all others. Such rights also allow for contracts to be signed for up to 6 seasons in length, versus 5 for all others.

While surrendering the sixth season seems unlikely for either Bosh or Wade, it is certainly conceivable that the pair could agree to reduced 8.0% annual raises – less than their maximum potential 10.5% – to make the three contracts equivalent.

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  1. Heat-Struck says:

    Wow! If they took the 8% raises, to make it equal with Lebron’s contract… that would be a great first step in team trust! All of them equal in dollars and in the spotlight. I hope they do it in good faith. If not, Lebron could always get a shorter contract for 3 years, and then reup for a bigger one to make up the difference.

  2. Brian T says:

    It’s looking more and more like a done deal. Good things are coming to Miami shortly.

  3. Heat-Struck says:

    The funny thing is that I’ve predicted this at the beginning of the season to my friends and family, and I told them that this was the exact way it was going to happen… get Bosh first in a sign and trade, and then lure Lebron to join Wade and Bosh for the trifecta! I look like a genius right now!

    I had my doubts that this could happen after the Cavs traded for Jamison, because that would help them win the championship, which would keep Lebron in Cleveland… I was cheering for Boston so hard in that second round! LOL!

  4. Heat-Struck says:

    …and they called me crazy. Muahaha!

  5. Pimpin Lincoln says:

    heat can you find out, what other trades we can make with future picks. For example can we trade a 1st pick with another sign ant trade? Example, trade next years 1st in a sign and trade with orlando for JJ redick? I say if we do have the chance to get all 3 why not push all the chips in and mortgage the future and just go all in with even more free agents. I know we have a MLE next year but I think we still can do sign and trades for other players. Furthermore, since we have all of that cap space we can also be an intermediary to other teams deals. X team doesnt have the cap to sign a player, we can sign them outright and trade them for future picks. We in essence would function as a bank and facilitate signings to teams that dont have the cap.

  6. Heat-Struck says:

    @Pimpin Lincoln

    The only way we could do a trade for a player with a future draft pick, is if we could fit that player’s salary within our cap. The Wizards have done this type of trade already for the Bulls’s Hinrich, because they already had the cap space to take Hinrich’s $9 mil salary next year. The way the system works, is that once you utilize cap space to sign a free agent, which we will for Wade, we have to do everything under that cap space. So after we sign and trade for Bosh, we’ll sign Wade… and then we’ll barely have enough room to sign Lebron. After that, we can only use minimum salaries to fill out the 9 empty roster spots. Sports analysts have been trying to make us look bad that we would have garbage after Wade/Lebron/Bosh, but I bet you we could find plenty of quality players out of all the 150 free agents that would accept the vet. min. For example, Raja Bell, Steve Blake (if we offer him the starting role), Zydrinus Ilgauskus (Close friends with Lebron), Kurt Thomas, Matt Bonner, Rasual Butler… there are soo many servicable guys begging to join up with the instant dynasty. Finding players after Wade/Lebron/Bosh will be a non-issue. Trust me!

  7. Heat-Struck says:

    Lebron James trying to recruit Ray Allen to be part of the Heat Dream Team?!?!?! This just keeps getting better and better…

    Finally! 16 years of Heat loyalty is going to pay off big time! I LOVE YOU PAT RILEY!

  8. Heat-Struck says:


    …sorry. I can’t help it. Ever since that crazy Stephen A Smith prediction, I’ve been going internet crazy! I’m trying to dig up all sorts of rumors and facts. I haven’t been this excited to be a Heat fan for like… ever!

    You could still post something if you’d like… =(

    I promise I’ll read it…

  9. Albert says:

    I can’t. Sedano beat me to it. And he has one small thing I don’t: evidence.

  10. Albert says:

    Counter-argument to Lebatard:

    Who do you believe?

  11. Heat-Struck says:

    I can’t view twitter from work… can you quote him?

    • Albert says:

      Sorry. Here are three separate tweets:

      Nothing to Twitter rumor of Bosh for Beasley-Chalmers-Joel trade. At least not yet.

      As expected, supposedly imminent Bosh-Beasley swap between Toronto and Miami now being shot down in both cities-for now.

      Top-level source insists Raptors have no interest in Heat’s Mike Beasley or Mario Chalmers & seek $16 mil trade except.

  12. Julian says:

    Mike Wallace doesnt have “top-level”sources… lol

  13. Heat-Struck says:


    Honestly, I think a lot of people are denying stuff everywhere! Why? Because they want to avoid all chances of being accused of tampering. Mike Wallace could of heard correctly, but he was simply being lied to by his “top-level” sources. He probably called Riley and Colangelo, and both of them told him that they didn’t know what he was talking about.

    Everyone is denying everything! Ever since this leaked through from Stephen A Smith, all parties involved have been on full damage control.

    I’m not worried one bit…

  14. Vincent says:

    Wallace aint connected….

  15. Mike says:

    Ray Allen makes more sense to bulls not as much in miami@Heat-Struck

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