Placing Bets on LeBron’s Destination

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Sports betting website is now taking bets on where LeBron James will wind up for the 2010/11 season.

The Miami Heat is not a popular projection.

The current line is as follows:

Cleveland Cavaliers: 2/5
New York Knicks: 4/1
New Jersey Nets: 9/1
Chicago Bulls: 12/1
Any Other Team: 18/1
Dallas Mavericks: 30/1
Miami Heat: 35/1
Los Angeles Clippers: 40/1
Olympiakos S.F.P. (Euroleague): 125/1

It will be interesting to see how these lines change on Thursday at about 11:00 pm.

3 Responses

  1. H says:

    What are the lines now?

  2. H says:

    wow… I bet betting on heat and bulls back then would have already made a lot of money…

  3. TKO says:

    That’s consistent with what I heard at the time. The media (i.e. ESPN) mainly talked about the Knicks’ path to clearing cap space for 1 (and eventually 2) max free agent. They were photoshopping James wearing a Knicks jersey with the number 6.

    I don’t recall hearing anything about the Heat’s quest to clear cap space for James. Him going to the Heat pretty much came out of nowhere for me (I’m in southern California). It’s certainly surprising to me reading your posts in recent months stating that the Heat had actually been clearing cap space for the 2010 offseason for the 3 preceding seasons.

    The media focused on the Knicks again leading up to the 2019 offseason, talking mostly about the Knicks’ attempts to clear cap space for max free agents like Kevin Durant. All season they talked about Durant joining the Knicks. Now Durant says he never seriously considered the Knicks. Just shows that the media is oftentimes biased and not to be relied upon. One reason why I rely more on sources such as your blog and Twitter feed.

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