Dorell Wright delivers career-best performance

Tuesday’s game was a career best.

By keeping the still very young and greatly improved small forward at the trade deadline, the Heat showed a surprising commitment to 2004 first round draft pick Dorell Wright.

On Tuesday night, Wright repaid that loyalty with a career-best performance.

He scored a career-high 26 points on 9-of-11 shooting, including an amazing 6-of-7 from beyond the arc. He also had 7 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 steals. It was far and away his best ever N.B.A. game. And he did it all in just 30 minutes of game action.

Wright has become the best and most versatile small forward on the Heat roster. He has struggled through inconsistent play at times – a natural result of inconsistent minutes – but he fits the Heat’s expressed desire to add length, superior shooting and quality defense on the perimeter.

After struggling through injury for the better part of his first five N.B.A. seasons, Wright has stepped up in a big way thus far this season.

He has become the strong perimeter defender the Heat have for so many years been searching for, with the height and quickness to guard both guard and forward positions. He has shown flashes of the playmaking that had head coach Erik Spoelstra utilizing the 6’9″ player at the point. He’s always been an excellent rebounder and great natural athlete. And now, after years of hard work to improve an ugly shooting stroke that used to be released from well behind his head, he is becoming the qualify three-point shooter that so well complements the slashing game of close personal friend Dwyane Wade. After converting a grand total of twelve 3-pointers in 55 attempts through his first five seasons, Wright has knocked down 37 this season, on 41.1% shooting.

To be fair, his season numbers don’t jump off the page. Statistically speaking, his offensive production is about average. And Tuesday’s performance is, after all, just one game. But if it is any indication of what Wright could produce with extended playing time, the future looks bright for the 24-year old.

Teams have begun to take notice.

Memphis offered its 2011 first round draft pick in exchange Wright’s services for the final 26 games of the season. And there are undoubtedly several other teams that will show an interest in the off-season if the unrestricted free agent to come continues to perform at a high level.

The irony is that the more he pays off that commitment with success on the court, the more unlikely it becomes that the Heat can retain him.

So, what is free-agent-to-be Dorell Wright worth on the open market?

Given the salary restrictions of the rookie scale as well as the many bloated contracts of former contributors turned salary cap drains, it’s tough to come to any conclusions by drawing comparisons from around the league. Jamario Moon is earning $3.0 million per season in a backup role for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rasual Butler, a solid perimeter shooter whose main calling card is his defense, is earning $3.9 million in a starting role for the Los Angeles Clippers.

At the end of last season, third on the depth chart behind James Jones and Jamario Moon, Wright was nothing more than a minimum contract player. This season, he is perhaps fairly valued at his $2.9 million.

A salary in the $3.5 million range would feel reasonable in the first season of a new contract. But with the Heat desperately pursuing two A-list free agents in free agency, is Dorell worth the precious cap space?

One thing is clear – his stock is rising. No matter what ultimately happens, it is a joy to watch him healthy and performing well.

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  1. AJ says:

    Love this post!! Only thing it’s missing is a shout out to your cousin who was the only one from the beginning that loved Dorell and had faith he’d become the player we all hoped he would be.

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