Some Kawhi Thoughts

This is an email to a friend, not a post. Ok. Here’s a small breakdown on what the Heat would face to sign Kawhi… Kawhi’s max for 2021-22 is $39M. He can take as little as $34M, and still re-sign for the...


Heat Completes The Acquisition of Jimmy Butler

It took nearly 24 last-day-of-June-and-first-day-of-July hours and two structures to finalize, but the Miami Heat made its signature move this summer by executing a sign-and-trade for four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler. Butler signed a four-year, $141 million maximum contract with the Heat, who...


The Complexities of Trading John Wall

I wrote this article because I find the topic rarely fascinating. But please keep in mind that it reflects only my interpretations of the corresponding rules in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. They appear to be quite different than the interpretations of most other people...